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Junaid Mohammed Opens Up On Aisha Buhari

junaid-muhammed-aisha-buhariElder statesman, Dr. Junaid Mohammed spoke candidly about the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha of Buhari… “I don’t believe a wife, should cease to be a wife simply because she has a different political view from her husband. We are living in the 21st century, if madam Buhari, had commented on issues that have affected her position as wife, vis-à-vis the General, it would have been improper for me to comment.”

“But she commented as a Nigerian citizen who has all the constitutional right to comment. Whether the north is conservative or not, is a matter we can resolve another day, at another session. And you don’t look at a wife who has a Master’s degree and expect her to behave like a house girl. It doesn’t happen that way.”

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“I have received calls from my friends from the Southern part of the country, telling me they don’t know our women can be bold to talk the way Madam Buhari did, and I just laugh. Are they saying the air we breathe in the north, is different from theirs or what? And we also have to look at the culture. There is nothing she did, which is wrong, because she is playing politics, the way her husband is playing it. And the truth is that the country has been badly shortchanged by the individuals she mentioned and who we know. What is wrong with that? If you have not elected somebody, why should you keep quiet when the person is exercising political power?”

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“This individual is not a government appointee, yet, he wields more powers than the President. We elected Buhari, but this individual, even uses the Presidential jets, more than the person we willingly elected to exercise political power. And if the President’s wife is now complaining, what is wrong with that?”

– Culled from The SUN