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Ijaws Endorse Uduaghan For Senate

Ex-Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan of Delta State has been endorsed by the Ijaws to represent Delta South Senatorial District at the Senate.

Ex-Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan

The leader of Ijaw Liberation Movement (ILM), Peremotebi Simeon confirming the endorsement said that… “They are excited having their son, Senator James Manager serve out four tenures of 16 years at the Senate. However, it is a bittersweet feeling because Ijaw is not the only ethnic group in Delta South Senatorial District.

“The only dynamic thing is change; where there is no change, the people are not happy. There is no doubt in our minds that it is the turn of another section to represent us. That is fair game.”

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“I am not saying our brother did not do well, or is not doing well, but I believe a fresh candidate will bring something fresh to the table for our own benefit.”

“We had followed Dr. Uduaghan’s painstaking effort to develop our area, nay the whole state, while he was governor of Delta State. We are also aware that he stepped down for our son to continue a few years ago, so he is the most suitable person for the job now.”

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“Above all, we the Ijaws benefitted so much from his government. He did so much to make life comfortable for us through his development plans then. Now it’s payback time as one good turn deserves another.”

“Uduaghan is the only person seeking for the office who has ever told us why he is going there. The reasons are quite important to the Ijaw people and we shall put him there. We shall hold him accountable thereafter.”