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Ideato South/North Federal Constituency: Dr. Chika Abazu as the Way to Go

By Micheal Nnaji

According to John. C Maxwell,  a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. 

Dr. Chika Abazu clearly fits into this description. This is why among the motley of crowd jostling to represent Ideato North and South federal constituency in the House of Reps in the next political dispensation, opinion leaders, political leaders, the youths, market women, students etc agree he is the most prepared and focused.

Dr. Abazu raises above the fray and stands out on the pedestal of competence,reason a broad spectrum of people across the constituency are earnestly praying the All Progressives Congress, APC to do the right thing by giving him its ticket for the election.

Describing the last seven years of representation the constituency has had at the House of Reps as years eaten by locust, an APC chieftain from Umueshi, Ideato South,who craved anonymity said: “Ideato North and South has suffered the worst form of representation since 2015. 

“We are like orphans in the midst of parents; in this new dispensation we want someone who is in touch with the people and with reality; we want a people oriented person who has the Ideato nation and its people at heart, a representative who has no baggage, who puts Ideato first. Irrespective of party, we want the best and in Dr. Chika Abazu, I find this representative”  

If elected into the House of Reps as the representative of Ideato people, Dr. Abazu, pledges, in his words:

“Prudent utilisation of Constituency Funds for genuine, people-focused, transparent and verifiable projects and programs.”

His focuse, according to him will be social amenities and infrastructures, health care, quality education, economic empowerment, medium size agricultural and settlement  scheme akin to the Isreali Kitbzu system and social welfare for youths.

Dr. Abazu will leave no stone unturned to enhance the growth of Ideato North/South federal constituency in terms of:

  • Legislative representation 
  • Accountability 
  • Education
  • Youth and women economic emancipation programmes
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Power 
  • Water
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Social welfare
  • Security 
  • Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of at least two bills and two motions that would impact the Constituency every year; meaningful contribution in plenary and committee activities especially oversight function.

As a technocrat, Dr. Abazu will ensure prudent utilisation of Constituency Funds for genuine, people-focused, transparent and verifiable projects and programs.

He is primed at building and equipping of modern school structures and making learning fun for children through learning aids; financial support to primary/secondary school students; facilitating university scholarship for exceptional students.

As a youth enthusiast and a bridge between the young and old, Dr. Abazu, if elected, will be committed to establushing a training hub for the training of youths and women in various vocations including ICT and Agriculture; giving of starter packs/seed grants to trained persons.

Erosion menance is one of the environmental problems facing Ideato and to tackle it headlong, if elected, Dr. Abazu will see to the  procurement of heavy construction vehicles like bulldozers, font loaders, grader, compactors, trenchers etc for all year round erosion control, road grading and maintenance.

To modernise Ideato and make it a liveable urban area, Dr. Abazu has pledged the following:

  • Facilitation of the restoration of electricity to all communities in Ideato through procurement and  installation of transformers and other power installations; construction of solar street lights at designated areas
  • Greater Ideato water scheme will be birthed for provision of basic water supply; procurement of motorized borehole drilling machines; all year round drilling of boreholes in designated and accessible areas within the community; provision of borehole drilling services at highly subsidized rate.
  • Construction and equipping of primary health centres

And to curb youth restiveness, he will facilitate the construction of mini sports stadium for sports and recreation.

He will also strengthen local security networks so as to secure the lives and property of Ideato people.

Dr. Abazu is accessible and reachable and will at all times be avilable to his constituents

With his international connections and contacts, Dr. Abazu will ensure the mobilization of funds for various projects from donor agencies and development partners.

– Nnaji writes from Osina,Ideato North.

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