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Flavour Sent Thugs After Me – Baby Mama

Popular singer, Flavour’s alleged ‘Baby Mama,’ Juliet Oluchi has accused the singer of sending thugs after her.

She made this revelation via her Instagram page:

She wrote; “Please @2niteflavour, what did we do to you that made you sent some thugs to threaten my landlord last 2 days ago to throw us out of his house so we can drop this case after sending some people to call me to take down my post?”

“Do you think I can easily drop this case since I know I’m doing the right thing and will win you in everywhere we go in this case? My landlord received a threat from 3 thug men to throw me and my daughter out of his house for good or he’ll lose his life and his family which he has no choice.”

“Please Chinedu Okoli popularly know as (Flavour, Ijele Africa) since your innocent as you claimed, please I’m begging you in the name of God to come forward for a paternity test with my daughter.”

“I’ll not accept any form of injustice that Flavour will donate his DNA sample at home or will go and donate and later my daughter will donate, No!! No!! No!! It’s totally unaccepted I mean we’ll donate both the samples in the same hospital at the same.”

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