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Ex-Gov. Seriake Dickson Exposed

Former Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has been exposed by Comrade Joseph Eva.

He said; “Look at what my former Bayelsa governor did, somebody that made you a governor, just after eight years you don’t regard him again. In fact, that is still mysterious to me, it makes me wonder about the wicked nature of our politicians.”

“I am worried because Seriake Dickson came to me to go and beg former President Jonathan to make him governor, Dickson begged me to go and meet Jonathan to make him governor; so, for me to now see him disrespecting Jonathan, carrying out air of arrogance is shocking to me and you can imagine how I will feel.”

“There were other people who contributed to making him governor, but he came with his two legs to come and beg me that I should go and talk to Jonathan to add his voice. Of course, he knows what Jonathan can do, his contact and influence.”

“Then after eight years, this very individual is disregarding, disrespecting Jonathan. Human beings are indeed terrible. Politicians in Nigeria need spiritual deliverance. From what happened to this my friend and Dickson, who came to me to add a voice that I should go and beg Jonathan and today he is behaving this way.”

“I can say it anywhere that Jonathan singlehandedly made him governor, today he is bragging, disrespecting Jonathan, behaving as if he is too clever. The disrespect he gave to Jonathan gave me sleepless nights”

“If I was not involved, if he did not come to me to go and beg Jonathan to make him governor I wouldn’t have felt this way.”

“My problem with him was in going against our (Ijaw) tradition of disrespecting an elder; you don’t bite the finger that feeds or have fed you. It is not done anywhere, even in the Bible Peter came to Jesus and said: those of us who have left everything to follow you, where is our gain?”

“Do you know that the deputy governor to Dickson is a General, but Dickson disgraced him, who is Dickson to disgrace a man with such stature? They have a joint ticket, but Dickson used the fund of the government to disgrace the man. That is not part of the Ijaw culture, there is a need for respect, and there is a need for integrity.”

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