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#EndSARS: Primate Ayodele Blows Hot

Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church is very bitter with President Muhammadu Buhari and states governors for the curfew imposed on some states because of the ongoing protests against police brutality and #EndSARS across the nation.

He said; “Buhari has just disappointed lots of people, his agenda as a president, all governors have failed because they don’t know the simple matter to settle this but if it is corruption or rigging, they have all techniques. What has happened will cause recession, so many things will still happen.”

“Nigeria can do something through a very simple protest without any crisis. Three things will happen after this, 2023 may be the last election in Nigeria. Secondly, the unity of Nigeria is under threat, youth will participate so well in putting Nigeria on the right record.”

“There are so many techniques government can apply to settle this, introducing hoodlums will not solve this, imposing curfew will not solve the issue, that is not the answer when you have not addressed the issue, it will only look like one isn’t in charge of his government, we don’t want killings again, Nigeria is in problem.”

“I have said earlier that Buhari’s second term will not favour Nigeria, things are not going well, it means we are not following the right process, we have put the wrong people in government.”

“All these are results of obstinacy on the part of the government, they don’t listen to prophecies, a prophet isn’t a prophet if he makes prophecy without solution but they don’t listen, whereas the pastors they listen to don’t tell them the right thing, where are they now?”

“We are seeing a new Nigeria, its either there is restructuring that will change the name of this nation, and of course, mark my word, the location of Aso Rock will still be changed, this protest has brought out many things, we have not seen anything yet, a worse economic damage is still coming.”

“God is involved in this protest, it’s going to change our democratic system, it will change our electoral system, people are still going to do more, they will show more grievances, the fasting and prayer that we should have done is what governors are now calling for, we have fasted enough, God loves Nigeria but our leaders are taking God for granted because this government doesn’t understand.”

“Our president is very stubborn, he doesn’t want to listen to the appeals of the people, he has people who are not fit around him. He has wicked people around him, it doesn’t take the president and his entourage anything to work on all these things.”

“Only God will help us, everyone should get ready for a new Nigeria, it has started since 2015, we will see more, individuals and God will take Nigeria to the right place.”

“A lot is wrong with our country, it is God that is in charge of all these, those that are corrupt too, their time is up, rigging and manipulation will come to an end in Nigeria, this is just the beginning. Let us wait and see, many things will still happen.”           

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