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Ekweremadu Laments

Senator Ike Ekweremadu has bared his mind on the state of the nation.

He said; “Everybody knows that I am a strong advocate of not just state police but what I call decentralised policing. That is to say that there will be police at the national level, police at the state level and police at the local level and sometimes in big corporations.”

“So, I still stand by my position. But in doing so, let me also say that I have been very conscious of the fact that there is also the possibility of abuse.”

“So, I am not saying that those who are opposed to state police are not making sense, no. They have good points and one of their points is that it is subject to abuse. We have seen some of the abuses; we have seen some incidents of abuse.”

“My worry, therefore, is that the abuse may continue and as we are heading towards 2023 (general elections), it is also likely that we will see signs of things that will discourage people like me to continue to advocate for state police.”

“We have seen the governors at the various regions or geopolitical zones coming together to set up regional security networks.”

“We have also seen state security networks as well. We have also seen the abuse of some of them. These are some of the things that worry people. As I said, my worry is that it may be further abused as we move towards 2023.”

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