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DJ Cuppy’s Bombshell

Business magnate, Femi Otedola’s celebrity daughter, DJ Cuppy whose real names are Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola has revealed some untold stories of her life…

“I left Nigeria to realise my power. What I meant is when I first started deejaying at 16, nine years ago, it was not what it is now, we didn’t have social media. Women were really discouraged to do things like DJing, to be in nightclubs, to be in the music industry.”

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“So what I meant by that was me living in London, me living in New York, allowed me to basically value myself as a woman, because I have to say I love being Nigerian, but unfortunately there is still a lot of sexism where women are seen as second class to men.”

“In every field, in the workplace, women are paid less than men, in every environment, we are just told we are not as good, so travelling and seeing my DJ Skills and artistry be valued are amazing.”

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“But Nigeria is changing and now people aren’t shocked I am a DJ anymore. I am being told now that I am inspiring other young girls and that is amazing.”