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Dele Momodu, Kayode Ogundamisi At War

Media mogul and Publisher of Ovational Magazine International, Bashorun Dele Momodu and Kayode Ogundamisi are now at war.

The duo war of words started when Kayode Ogundamisi took to his twitter page to mock Momodu over news of the freezing of family accounts of the Adelekes. He tweeted; “Contrary to the FAKE news circulated by your “boy” Dele Momodu, EFCC just confirmed none of the Adeleke’s account was frozen.”

“Apologises for starting the FAKENEWS of EFCC freezing bank accounts of Davido and Isiaka Adeleke.”

Momodu in his reaction, tweeted; “KO has finally put his fingers in my mouth… I respect people on social media but KO has climbed the tree beyond the leaves… Let someone tell him to back off…”

“KO is a big joke trying to use me to impress his masters but when I sit with Buhari, Osinbajo and others he’s trying to reach, he can’t come near the door… I earned my respect…”

“Don’t make your tongue sour tonight pls… He is one old man practising students activism in London… I’ve never attacked him but every now and then he attacks me and calls later, shamelessly…”

“DAVIDO obviously has more sense than KO and the young man has since apologised publicly and like all decent people we have embraced openly but the likes of KO won’t promote peace since he thrives only in commotion…”

“I had prayed silently and fervently that KO would leave me alone and look for other victims of his rabid activism but alas he is so consumed by hate and envy and I’m left with no choice now than to get the fly off my back…”

“Pls beg him to back off… I’ve tried my best for him bec I love unconditionally but this guy is just fiendish… They are happy only when you’re unhappy and gloat over people’s misfortune…”

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