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Chizzy Alichi Attacked

Popular actress, Chizzy Alichi has been attacked by her colleague, Seilat Adebowale for her post on her marriage few hours after Funke Akindele’s marriage crashed.

Seilat said; “Sad how people laugh over someone else’s predicament.”

“And awon team “my own mariage will work”… how about you say the prayer in your home or in your mind.”

“And those who would always have something to say about every issue… It is well with you all.”

This is Chizzy Alichi’s post via her Instagram stories…

“My marriage is working and will continue to work in Jesus name, Amen.”

For those who don’t know, Funke Akindele’s husband, JJC Skillz on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 announced on his Instagram page that he and Funke Akindele have gone their separate ways.

He said: “Dear Friends and family, I need to let you know that Funke and I have separated. While it lasted we shared a lot of things together and have created 2 beautiful children.”

“The last two years have been extremely difficult for us. I know I have tried my best to fix things but I believe it is beyond repair now. Three months ago and at Funke’s insistence, I moved out of the house and apart from AMVCA have not been able to get Funke to sit down in an amicable manner to discuss the future of our relationship.”

“I’m making this announcement so that the public is clear that we both are pursuing separate lives. We still have issues that need to be addressed such as the custody and wellbeing of our children which is paramount as well as business interests which need to be disentangled but I have no doubt that these will be resolved one way or the other.”

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