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Billionaire, Alabh George Turnah Arrested

Billionaire businessman, Barr. Alabh George Turnah has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

We gathered that some youths stormed the EFCC’s office to protest, describing Turnah’s arrest as an act of injustice.

They added that he is a good man with a good heart and they stayed at the commission’s office singing and demanding for his unconditional release.

However, the EFCC South-South Zonal Head, Ishaq Salihu called them together and began to educate them.

He said; “If I tell you all how this young man has contributed to the underdevelopment of your region, you youths you will be ashamed to be here. I believe George has so much to tell why efcc is after him, now let me ask you,

  1. Did George tell you that EFCC is after him because they found billions of naira in one Eluantaziba George account?, this is the account of his five years old daughter.
  2. Did he also revealed to you all that huge sums of money amounting to billions were discovered in the accounts of the following companies owned by him without any traceable office except one or two?
    A. Kolo Creek Petroleum Development Company
    B Geoham Telecoms Nigeria Limited
    C. Adaka Boro Marine Services Nigeria Limited
    D. Turnoil Nigeria Limited
    E. Turnah Global Service Limited
    F. El-Godams Global Service Limited
    G. Yenagoa Mall Limited
    H. Sugarland Integrated Farms Limited
    I. Celtic Pride Engineering And Construction Limited
    J. Celtic Pride Institute Of Agricultural Studies
    K. Building Associate Limited.
  3. Did he told you that the NDDC have furnished EFCC with details of his salaries and allowances while he served as SA to two MD’s which was not even upto #30M?
  4. Did he revealed to you that he collected a contract for the building of Ogbia Brotherhood village, which was awarded to one of his companies and money was paid in full, which he converted to mere renovation of the hall?
  5. Did he revealed to you that in 2014, huge money running to billions was awarded to him for the organisation of a programme tagged ‘Niger Delta peace carnival’ a programme meant for the whole of Niger Delta was then converted into ‘Goodluck Jonathan Cup for Ogbia Youths only’ and then embezzled the funds?
  6. Did he revealed that the EFCC have showed him various incriminating document from NDDC, detailing programs which he had collected funds for in the name of Niger Delta Youths running into billions, for programs which never held?
  7. Did he told you that he collected many funds to bring light to most of your communities in Ogbia? Do you have light? Did he revealed that the Kolo to Ogbia Electrification project awarded to one of his company was abandoned even when full payment has been made?
  8. Sid he tell you that the Niger Delta volunteer program designed to empower 2000 youths of the region for 4 years with a stipend of 150k per beneficiary, that he paid 70k each, please multiply 80 by 2000, it will amount to N160,000,000 every month, which he was receiving for four years, amounting to about N7.6 billion? Now, we are still investigating if at all he employed the said 2,000 youths”

“These and many more facts we have in our possession, as time progresses, more will be revealed. Now i ask you, do you still think he was really a good man with a good heart?”

“Do you still think his intentions for ogbia people were good? Do you think he is worth protesting for? Because he gives you crumb from the billions he has stolen, is that enough to call him a good man?”

“Have you all pondered and ask yourself if Ogbia or the Youths would have been the same way it is now, if only he spent half of the money?”

“I ask you again, you think he is good for giving out crumbs? You think he is good for depriving you of what is yours? Don’t your mother’s and father’s in the village deserve better life?”

“Next time before you join this kind of protest, ask yourself what his sources of income is as compared to his flamboyant life. I will leave your conscience to communicate with you.”

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