Bayelsa Governor’s Wife Talks About Her Life

Rachael DicksonTell us about your childhood

My growing up was very exciting and very eventful, I am from a monogamous home, I had all the love and the best in life from my mum and dad, and above all, we were thought to worship and adore this great God who has taken me thus far.

What are the things you enjoyed as a youth that you think is lacking today?

What I enjoyed most was the high morals and level of education. In those days, we were thought to serve God and take our books seriously. Those were the basic things in life then.

Do you think lack of infrastructure and principles and the desire for quick cash have overshadowed the morals of today’s youth?

I will not say we have bad infrastructure, I think the government has not done badly in the area of improving infrastructure, like roads, healthcare and education. I believe the youths of today are lazy, they need to be hard working and be able to set a goal for themselves and achieve it in order to forge ahead and be successful in life.

Congratulations, you recently bagged a PHD from UNN, which makes you the first First Lady in Nigeria to achieve this while serving your state.

I feel happy, I am excited! It’s a crown from my hard work of so many years, and as my NGO is on rescuing the Ijaw girl, they have seen me go all out by achieving the greatest height academically, so I will definitely be a good example for them to follow.

Can you tell us about your Pet Project – THE GIRLCHILD?

The Friday Konyefa Foundation is about educating the girl child. My dad gave me the best education, and one of the ways to appreciate him is to stand up there and encourage young girls. No matter the mistakes you have made, no matter the circumstance you find yourself, if you are willing to overcome your challenges, I am ready to help and encourage you. I do not have a story to tell, but I am willing to stand behind any girl or woman who has been through a lot that has a story to tell and help her overcome her challenges in life.

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How did you meet your husband?

My husband and I were classmates in the university and after our graduation, we got married. He is more like a brother to me, because we never knew we would become man and wife. The journey so far has been smooth, it has been pleasant and lovely. We bless God.

Describe your husband in three words.

My husband is a very honest, loving and passionate person, and sacrifices his all for others.

What are the key ingredients for a successful marriage, especially one that is extremely busy like yours?

I will say patience, fear of God, understanding and above all, the marriage should be founded on love.

Do you think this maddening obsession with the Internet today has affected the qualities you mentioned above and what do you feel are the pros and cons of the Internet?

For me, I will say the Internet is both good and bad. It is good in the sense that it helps in disseminating information quickly, but we should also be able to guide our adolescents and young ones, so that they do not fall into traps set for them by evil minds. We should watch them closely, to know what social media they are using, so that we can guide them properly, because so much goes on over the internet.

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How do you relax when you find the time to?

Most times, I relax by reading. I have been a part-time lecturer for so many years. Since my schedule is very busy now, I read a lot to keep abreast with happenings. I study as well, because I will be going back to the classroom soon.

Seeing that you love to read, any plan of writing a book?

Definitely! I will soon be publishing and I will also be doing my inaugural lecture. I am going into full time research.

How do you joggle between being a wife, mother, First Lady and lecturer?

It is not easy, but by the grace of God, I have learnt to give everything its own time. I play my role as a wife and mother to the state. I have learnt to wake up early, have my devotion, take care of the family and set out.

It is common belief that when people become prominent, they forget old friends, do you believe this?

I do not believe that, because the friends you make when growing up are the real friends you have. Although you also meet certain people along the way that will impact positively in your life and become genuine friends, your childhood friends will always stay true. If you have the right values, you will keep your old friends, because life is unpredictable.

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What advice do you have for young women out there?

They should never lose confidence in themselves, because once that happens, they cannot achieve anything. And I also urge every girl, education is the key. Development of the girl-child is the success of any Society. I have been on an advocacy mission in Bayelsa State. I tell the girl child, you can make it if you groom it. Last year, I had a lucky break, the girls came top in the scholarship exam organized by the state, and now to the Glory of God, we have 10 young Bayelsan girls in Lincoln University, and this year, I am also thinking the girls will repeat the same feat. I pray my shoulders will be broad enough to carry them and stand by them, be a sister, mother and aunty that they will look up to in achieving the greatest heights.

What will you say is your strongest trait as a woman?

I never give up, I believe God is able to see me through anything.

Any last words?

I want to say I wish all the women and girls out there the best in life. I will like to see us all excel. My prayer is that Bayelsa women achieve the greatest height in education and be the best in their professions all over the world. Those are legacies I want to leave behind after my tenure.

– Courtesy: THISDAY Style