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Azuka Jebose Attacked

Former Punch Newspaper reporter, Azuka Jebose has been taken to cleaners for his series of social media attack on billionaire philanthropist, Prince Ned Nwoko, Founder of Stars University, Idumuje-Ugboko, Delta State.

The battle started when Azuka posted a poser on Facebook. He wrote;

“Is Ned Nwoko A Native Son of Idumuje Ugboko soil? How can one “rich” man bring so much headaches, pains and sleepless nights to a people? Stay With Me!!!!”

Thereafter, Azuka’s Facebook friend, Ella Onyinyechi lambasted him and wrote;

“Can’t you just change topic. And who is this man you are always talking about?”

Azuka replied; “Please change your friendship by getting the hell out of my friends list”

Ella: “See mumu. You are too boring always talking about one person every minute of the day. don’t u have other things to talk about? I don’t know the person you are always talk about, I’m just bored with your stupid write up about one person Everyday. Feel free to block me.”

Azuka: “Your father and all the males in your family are Mumu and Mugu. I have daughters your age and who best you in every ways in life.”

Ella: See English😏. Who cares about your achievements 🤷. Because I told you to talk about something interesting? Metchweeeeee”

Azuka: “Go and tell your father to talk about something interesting. You invaded my space. Ordinarily I would not respond to foolish young social media misfits like you herein, but sometimes, adults need to stand up to disrespectful, ignorant and arrogant fools like you who think that just because you are on social media, you are equal to the person you invaded his space. You are a lost child. I will allow you to continue to be stupid here until your stay becomes useless. I will not lose anything in life deleting or blocking you, but before I do that, I would allow others the benefit of your ignorance”

Ella: “I blame social media for allowing old ugly men like you to be here.”

Azuka: “You will never be old. You will never live to be my age.”

Ella: “Story. I return it to all your children. You are not my father and you have not spent on me in anyway,so take your stupid curses to your children they deserve it more.”

Azuka: “No. My children have more respect and dignity than to waste their precious brilliance peddling bloated titis on Facebook”

Ella: “Same way my FATHER won’t waste his precious time arguing with a child on social media because the child told him to post interesting things. Since he wants to be here. You should share your wisdom here as an elder, not posting about one particular man everyday 😠.”

Azuka: “If you have a father, you won’t be here.”

Ella: “😁😁😁 you are older than me and you on social media very funny. You obviously don’t have sense. I hope your children are not on any social media because it will be very stupid of you. My father is very much alive and he is not on social media writing rubbish about his fellow man, so go get a job.”

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