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Apostle Suleman Is Angry

Omega Fire Ministries pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman has lambasted Southern Nigerian people.

He said: “You saw what played out in Abuja just recently? Why do you think the North has been in office and power for many years? Even if the North is not in office, the North will be in power.”

“If they are not in power, they will be in office. This is because the Southern region, especially South-South, are noisemakers. The North will allow you to finish making your noise then they will shock you. Atiku knew the Southerners were noisemakers, and he worked on it.”

“They are 100% loyal to themselves; that is why Tambuwal could take such a decision. All my Northern friends have not spoken ill of me, but the Southerners are the ones mocking me.”

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