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A Stolen Mandate In Ogun Senatorial District?

By Biyi Adedapo

The last has certainly not been heard of the duplicity and double standard of the leaders of the All Progressives Congress party in Ogun State.

The matter involving the Honourable Senator Tolu Odebiyi, representing Ogun West Senatorial District,  a man of integrity and good pedigree, a man of proven record, commanding goodwill in the state and larger society, being short-changed for Senator Solomon Adeola who also goes by another name Yayi, through a shifty primary election that has raised issues and kick-started a series of petitions, which will continue undaunted.

Yayi has over the years generated a history of having no particular based business runs around each time election is up to claim places he does not belong to. A Fellow who enjoys reaping where he never sowed, and never truly belonging as he would eventually dump and move on.

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We could recall that Yayi seems to hail from several places at the same time!  Between the year 2014-2015, Yayi surfaced from nowhere claiming to be from Ishaga-Orile under the Abeokuta North Local Government.  He was outrightly rejected by that region.

Faced with such humiliating rejection, but still feeling smart, he ran to Lagos State to become a Senator representing Lagos West. In 2019, he was in Joga Orile trying to sneak into the political process to claim a space and vie for elective office. The good people of integrity at Joga Orile refused to be compromised and he once again returned to Lagos..

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Now in 2022, Yayi feeling more equipped with influenecessary and political clout to buy all and sundry, berth in Ogun West and he is being said to have won the senatorial seat in what is also beingredients said to have been a kangaroo primary that has today watered down the integrity of the party’s leaders in the state who hitherto have always been held in high esteem for their cerebral decisions, admissions and submissions.

Where has our pride gone to as a people? A visitor walks into our midst few days to supposed primary to upstage our son, a sitting Senator!

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This is a smack on the face of our partyou,  a smack in the face of our history as a people.

And for the purpose of tomorrow, it will be wisdom if we trace back our steps and do what is right by giving the seat to Senator Tolu Odebiyi who truly merits it.

– Biyi Adedayo a political scientist, wrote in from Abeokuta