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Uduaghan Proffers Solution To Niger Delta Environmental Crisis  

Ex-Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State who is now a senatorial aspirant has promised to provide succour to the incessant environmental crisis rocking the Niger Delta.

“Illegal Refineries: Illegal Refineries are scattered all over the Niger Delta. Technological changes (FUPRE model) in the processes, and supply of legal crude to the operators will empower our young ones legally, and also save our environment.”

“Cotonu boats (wooden boats) are the 1st leg in a “relay race” when crude is stolen. When caught, the boats are destroyed, and burnt in hundreds and the crude spill all over, especially into the waters of the Niger Delta. This destruction process, increases the greenhouse gases in the air and also, the smoke carries sooth to several km away. This, combined with the smoke from illegal refineries are the major causes of the “black deposits” on our bodies, cars, roofs etc. The boats are destroyed cos there are no laws on managing such stolen crude and NNPC will not take them. Legislation will stop this.”

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“Legislation on compulsory technological changes in the pipelines carrying crude, condensate, refined products and gas, making them more difficult to be vandalised will be saving our environment.”

“Legislation, compelling the Federal Government to partner with international agencies to have an assessment of the level of damage to the environment in the Niger Delta. Such assessment will also include an estimated cost of cleaning the environment.”

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