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Woman Kills Children, Husband And Self

The million dollar question on the lips of many is what on earth would make a woman kill her three children, husband and her self also?

This is the story of a woman in Makurdi, Benue State who took her own life after killing her husband and three children.

The deceased identified as Nicholas Adetsav we gathered before his demise was a staff of Makurdi Local Government Council and according to Benue Police Spokesman, Moses Yamu, he said; “The incident happened on Friday night. From information available to us, the woman has been having issues with her husband which might have culminated into this.”

“The couple who lived at Vandeikya Street, was staff of Makurdi Local Government Council. They have been having issues. Just on Friday, the woman was seen with a pestle trying to smash her husband’s car. No one knows the cause of their frequent fights.”

“Police personnel sent to the house found the man foaming in the mouth, the three kids already dead, while the woman, also dead, was found holding a knife in her hands. The incident happened around 8:30 p.m. on Friday; from what we have gathered, the couple fight on daily basis.”

Also, the Chairman, Makurdi Local Government Council, Akange Audu, disclosed that; “The couple were employees of the local government council. The husband worked in the Department of Finance while his wife worked with the Department of Agriculture. They were always fighting, the woman had warned neighbours to stay off their fights.”

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