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Why I Married Okorocha’s Daughter – Uche Nwosu

Chief Uche Nwosu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) leading governorship aspirant in Imo State speaks on his private life… “The first day I set eyes on my wife was in Jos; then I was the Personal Assistant to the Owelle Rochas Okorocha.”

At the wedding of Chief Uche Nwosu to Gov. Rochas Okorocha’s daughter

“Then, he was the Adviser to the President on Inter Party Affairs and we went to Jos one day and we slept in Jos and we woke up one morning, I saw my wife, then a younger person, wash all the plates and after that she mopped all the rooms and when we went for the second time and she did the same thing and even the third time and I was asking myself that with all these wealth around the father, it was still possible for her to do this.”

“She can still have time to sit down and wash the plates and not just the plates that her brothers ate with but both the ones used by other people including me. Plates somebody like me ate with, she just gathered everything and washed them.”

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“So to me I saw a virtuous and humble woman, somebody who is not controlled by the wealth of the father; I saw a woman who is not moved by the riches of the father. One thing led to another, I developed interest in her and being a Personal Assistant to your boss you know it is difficult to approach your boss and say I want to marry your daughter but I took the bold step. One morning, I went to Her Excellency; I didn’t want to go to the governor because I was scared I didn’t know what to tell him.”

“So, one morning I went to her and said I wanted to see you and she asked me if there is any problem and I said I wanted to tell her something private and she said I should come back in the evening. In the evening when I went to see her behold my boss was there I didn’t know how to say what I wanted to say and His Excellency looked at me and asked me if anything was wrong, I said no that I came to see Her Excellency so he laughed and said we should go downstairs and when we got down, I told her that I want to get married to your daughter.”

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“She sat back and looked at me and said you want to marry my daughter and I said yes, I think the boldness in me made her to start thinking that this young man that had the boldness to say openly that he wants to marry my daughter even as the PA to the father. She said ok and asked me if I had told the father and I said no that I wanted to tell her first but I asked her to start working on him for me, she smiled and walked away.”

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“Finally the day I told him, he was looking at me and he said I know, Madam has told me, he asked if I had spoken to her I said I have; I had already told her and he said if she says yes, that he can’t stop it. That was it; I could not believe it. If it were to be some families, they will not take that, Owelle Rochas Okorocha as a wealthy man that time would have wanted the son of a governor or another big man to marry the daughter but he Okayed it and before you know what is happening, we were married and God has blessed us with three boys.”

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