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Untold Story Of Soji Benson’s Death

Fresh facts are beginning to emerge on how showbiz personality and owner of Faze 2 Night Club, Soji Benson died.

However, the deceased cousin, Tony Benson disclosed that;

“I have not been briefed about the incident. To be honest with you, I am not aware of any development. At a time, I heard he (Soji) had been buried and I also heard that he had not been buried. I don’t know which to follow. When they (his children and wife) are ready, they will tell me what is going on.”

“I am Soji’s senior cousin; he is my first cousin. He is the eldest son of TOS Benson, while I am Bobby Benson’s son. TOS and Bobby were brothers. That is all. He lived in the estate with me but sometimes he would go for days and came back later. I didn’t see anything odd about his absence.”

Sources squealed to us that Soji Benson died on February 12, 2019 during an alleged visit to his son, Oye, at his home in Apapa, Lagos. It was later said the deceased had marks of violence on his body.

Sources added that an argument broke out between Soji’s wife, Gloria, and her stepsons – Oye and Lanre. The two sons allegedly went to a Lagos mortuary, where they initially deposited their father’s body, to take it for a funeral without carrying the family along.

The source said it took the intervention of the deceased’s siblings before his body was retrieved from his sons and embargoed in the mortuary.

Insiders said that the family got to know about Soji’s death when someone contacted the deceased’s cousin, Tony Benson. The person told him that his body was found by the roadside in Apapa, Lagos.

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