Uche Ogbodo Dumps Ailing Husband

uche ogbodo husbandEmotions swerved in favour of actress, Uche Ogbodo, recently when news went viral that her 10-month marriage had crashed like badly arranged cards. How on earth would a man dump a pregnant woman in such a delicate state? Many had wondered until some confessions began to seep to the probing public. To further make the matter messier than the dimension it earlier took, the actress claimed they were never married but had a mere family introduction. Ubby’s father broke the camel’s back with yet another startling claim that has been a major online hit as well: the actress is lying about the whole issue, stating that they paid Uche’s bride price, which in Igboland means she is traditionally her husband’s.

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He reportedly said, “we went to her village and paid the bride price and after that she was still bearing her father’s name. I don’t know why she didn’t change it. If she is saying now that she is not married, then she has divorced herself, marriage is not by force. I am the father of Ato and I am telling you now that what she told you is a lie. I am a servant of God and I cannot tell lies. If she is saying that she is not married, that means she has rejected us. If she has problems with my son, this is the wrong way to go about it, but we leave it all to God.”

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However, an insider has revealed that Uche allegedly dumped Ubby owing to his failing health. Ubby is said to be hospitalised for a surgical procedure.