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Toyin Abraham Explodes

Popular actress, Toyin Abraham is very angry with those spreading the allegations that she arrested a social media user and his mother for defamation.

She said: “I said I wasn’t going to say anything anymore, but there are some things that you can’t accuse me wrongly of and expect me not to say something.”

“I would not arrest anybody’s mum because I have a mother as well. I never arrested anyone’s mother.”

“I have not committed any crime and I have only exercised my democratic rights, and they keep bullying me.”

“I came online on social media to beg everybody to leave me the hell alone. As I am, I want to die. I am ready to die, but before I die, a lot of you bullies will die with me.”

“You bullies have pushed me to the wall and I have gone insane. Now I want to die; I wish to die; I did not commit any crimes; I came out to beg you guys and tell you that I did not collect any money from anybody.”

“I’ve had it up to here because you people cursed my child, but I did not arrest anybody’s mother. I simply wrote a petition, and they said I should go to the cybercrime department, which I did, and I wrote a petition there.”

“The only reason I didn’t put Anthony was because he didn’t defame me; he only insulted me and I insulted him too. The truth would come out soon.”

“These people were paid to ruin my career and ruin my life, but I have not committed any crimes so I’m not scared.”

“I am ready to die but before I die I will make sure that I won’t take it easy on everybody who bullied me and defamed me.”

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