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Terry Apala Cries Out

Nigerian singer, Terry Apala whose real names are Terry Alexandar Ejeh has cried out to Nigerians regarding the allegations that he uses drugs and other substances to maintain his vocal strength…

“I do not drink or smoke whether to perform on stage or while I’m in a public gathering. People can testify to the fact that when I’m out or invited for shows, I prefer to take soft drinks. It is very difficult to believe and people find it shocking but I was brought up in a humble and disciplined background.”

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“If you want to make me happy, just get me an energy drink and ice. While I was growing up, I worked with Musiliu Ishola to create some of my apala tunes. I worked under him. I am not forcing the way I sound. I have a song where I featured him, titled Palongo.”

“I am not all about doing covers for other people’s songs but I have several of his produced by my team. The song that brought me into the limelight is Champagne Showers and I have another called Jangolova, which already has more than a million downloads on soundclouds.”

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