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South-South Governors Are Cowards – Joseph Evah

Comrade Joseph Evah has lambasted the governors of South-South states.

He said; “The governors of the Southwest states have decided to take the destiny of their people in their own hands. They have decided to take the bull by the horns and confront the monster head-on by forming their security network code-named Operation Amotekun.”

“We must salute them. They have always been pacesetters. It is this unitary system that we are operating that we are calling federalism that is deceiving us. In real fact, we are operating a unitary system.”

“It is this system that we are operating that has actually affected the development of the Southwest. If we had been practicing 1953, the 1960 constitution on regionalism the Southwest would have developed more just like other regions would have joined in the development.”

“By now Southwest would have been competing with Malaysia. When the Southwest adopted Amotekun and some of our reactionary forces tried to blackmail them we kicked against it and told them they cannot stop it.”

“I am happy with the Southwest politicians, people like Fayemi and others who despite that it is the APC government, their government that still wanted to blackmail them, but they went ahead, knowing the reality on the ground. They refused to succumb to the blackmail.”

“I am happy with the Southwest politicians. What they did is the way to go and this is what I am telling our, sorry to say, coward politicians from the South-South, especially the governors.”

“I have been fighting our South-South politicians, especially the governors, if they are bold like the Southwest governors, remember that it is the Southwest governors that are in the Federal Government and they were able to face through the media, pushing out their position for the world to see.”

“They used the media to stop all the blackmail because they know what they were doing, they are the ones feeling the pain, they know where the shoe pinches, so could not bow to blackmail, they confronted it.”

“Our Southwest governors appreciate the power of the media, but my South-South governors don’t know the value of the media. So, if our South-South governors can learn every bit of what the Southwest is doing they will be victorious in their demands, especially, since they are genuine demands.”

“I remember when Ikemba Ojukwu died, I mobilised more than 5,000 people in Lagos to organise a farewell to Ojukwu and re-echoing the Aburi Accord, so it is not disintegration, it is to strengthen us believing in your integrity and belief in the destiny of your people.”

“We can combine so many destinies and say we are one and work sincerely as one, for the progress of all, but like the United Nations, which says: let us come together for world peace, yet all countries are still independent within the umbrella.”

“So, we are telling, especially our South-South governors, to wake up from their slumber. Even as we are talking now, they are still afraid despite the light that the Southwest has shown they are still behaving cowardly.”

“So, in all, what I am saying is that all these regional initiatives will not destroy Nigeria, rather it will strengthen our unity. You must guide the lives of your people in other to have a human being to manage.”

“If there are no human being who will you rule either as a governor or president? People are dying, people are carelessly killed, no security, so if you do not secure your place you will have yourself to blame and regret at last.”

“Even in your house, you have burglary everywhere, do you say because we have the Nigeria police you will not have a burglary in the house? Security is uppermost because you have to be alive to enjoy what is in it. Every region, every geo-political zone should go and have their outfit.”

“Restructuring is already here, but those people who felt that because Nigeria is fake, the fake federalism they are feeding on it and because of that they want it to stay, they have no option because the time for restructuring is due and now, so they have no option than to face the truth.”

“It is just like the Berlin Wall, it will fall no option. Even the Soviet Union broke into pieces when the time was due. There is time for everything. But as far as I am concerned, I like the way Nigeria is big, there is a huge advantage given our size and population, there are huge benefits, we should stay as a country, but we should not break up.”

“I don’t want a break-up, but our problem is that in all parts of Nigeria, everywhere in Nigeria is full of greedy politicians, our politicians are so greedy and wicked, doing internal colonization.”

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