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Soludo Fights Andy Uba

Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra State has lambasted Senator Andy Uba.

Deputy Director, APGA Campaign Media Directorate, Emeka Ozumba in a statement said;

“As a matter of fact, Andy Uba is the least qualified and most unpopular among those vying for the number one position in the state.”

“He is, in the words of Walter Lippman, the American political commentator, a pleasant man who, without any important qualification for the office, would like very much to be governor.”

“It is an irony of life that a man who has never campaigned for any office he has occupied, but only believes in sorting things out, is now claiming to be a veteran of campaigns who has foot soldiers and people willing to campaign for him with their own resources.”

“Who can claim to have seen Andy in any campaign past and present, even in the primaries that produced him? It beats reason to think that a man who has never been seen nor heard in every election he had contested is now claiming to have what it takes to win.”

“What does Uba have? Charisma, oratory or popularity to make him the man to beat? Unless, there is more to this than meets the eyes; everybody knows that Andy is the least to talk about outvoting anybody on November 6, much less Soludo.”

“It is in the nature of the people surrounding Andy to brag about his connection to the centre. And given that we are the party at the centre, you should also understand that a lot of factors will come into play for us.”

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