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Singer, Lyta’s Shocking Secrets Exposed

Popular musician, Lyta, (Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim) shocking secrets have been revealed by none other person than his baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde.

She said; “Dear future husband, Aari’s dad can’t afford 13k (Naira) for balloons for his child’s upcoming 1st birthday so Imma need you to be able to afford my baby’s monthly cost, if not you’re not for me.”

“People don’t like nice people. People don’t like quiet people. People don’t like to tolerate people. People don’t like people who have a heart. this is NOT who I am. This is who you turned me into. And God will punish each and every one of you for actually bringing out the beast in me. Chaiii.”

“I am not crying out for 13k oooo. God forbid, do you know how much that is in my child’s account??? We not rich but we stable babyyyy lol, everyone offering me money, it’s not needed Imaoooo but thank you for the generosity.”

“I asked him to provide money for balloons, cause as much as I dislike him and his selfish ways I wanted him to feel involved in his child’s life even in the littlest way but he is not ready to do NOTHING!!! My father was useless too but not to this level and my son will never be.”

“Let’s be clear on one thing, I’m not the broke one here.”

“This is someone I’ve known since he had 46k followers on IG, now on 1.7million but can’t flaunt about having half of that money in his account.”

“Fed up, clothed you right to your f**cking boxers, everything you asked for, you name it. I don’t need y’all to understand but this man and his whole management are evil, very very evil and that’s why I pray every morning and night that every pain and burden I experienced in relation to motherhood may they all suffer for it a 100 time harder.”

“Pressured me to have a child for him then added pain and sorrow to it, this pain, we will feel it together, end of story.”

“There is more to say, but let my child be one first, you know the rest….”

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