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Shehu Sani Blasts El-Rufai

Governor Nasri El-Rufai of Kaduna State has been taken to the cleaners by Senator Shehu Sani… “El-Rufai APC restructuring committee is self-serving, political gimmick aimed at diverting attention away from Obasanjo’s letter.”

Senator Shehu Sani and Governor Nari El-Rufai

“It’s also a campaign document for 2019. It’s not a report worthy of the paper it was written. El-Rufai is anti-restructuring. There will be no restructuring before and after 2019.The President had repeatedly made it clear that the problem is process so what are we talking about.”

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“El-Rufai simply want to eat his cake and have it; orally calling supporters of restructuring as opportunists and on the other hand submitting a report in support of it.”

“When eventually the El-Rufai restructuring committee reaches the senate, it will be photocopied to 109 pieces and shared to the senators to use as Toilet paper. If there are extra copies, it will be shared to Suya and Akara hawkers outside the National Assembly to use it to wrap their products.”

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“El-Rufai restructuring report will be shredded and modify to serve as a good toilet paper for senators. If there’s seriousness in restructuring it could have started in 2015.”