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Shan George Fights Femi Branch

Star actress, Shan George has declared war on her colleague, Femi Branch.

The screen star who went through a spinal cord surgery recently at the Brain and Spine Consortium surgery in Abuja took to her Instagram page to lambast Femi Branch.

She wrote; “They didn’t come to my aid sir, I’m not crying for any aid/help. It was just a show of love from the AGN president towards a colleague @chief_femibranch I know say you hate me but this is more than low. Aid ko Babiala ni, you either correct this wrong impression or just kuku delete this post. Thank You”

“Abeg make all of una help me tell Femi Branch to stop his bile for me now! I’ve had enof of Ur display of hatred for me at every little opportunity u can scramble at..Delete that bloody wicked evil post of urs..”

“I no beg u for publicity. God will punish you for me Mr Femi branch. Bloody beggar. U think say I be u way dey beg up and down? Ur Fada! May your children beg Unclad on the streets Femi branch”

For those who don’t know, the battle between the duo started when Femi Branch, who is a member of the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria (AGN), had taken to Instagram to share a picture of him and his colleague handing over an envelope to the actress with the caption;

“God bless the &actorsguildnigeria for coming to the side of our dear colleague and friend @shangeorge as she recovers from her back surgery.”

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