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Seyi Makinde Exposed

Governor -elect of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde has been exposed. Insiders told us that the politician has a passion for playing golf.

They added that the Makon Engineering Limited boss is a member of Ibadan Golf Club (IGC) and a major sponsor of events and projects of the club over the years, including Seyi Makinde Women Support tourney.

According to the governor-elect;

“I am a sport person, apart from golf, I do play tennis. sports enhance the wellbeing of an individual. Golf is very challenging, you never know what is going to happen until you actually put the ball in the hole, it’s very challenging, a round of golf will probably take you like six hours to go through the 18 holes, it’s just fun and relaxing. This tournament is going to be a continuous exercise as we are ready to sustain it over the years.”

“Golf is usually seen as elitist game and for me; my basic aim is to encourage talents that do not even have money. There are talents who are in the game and that is why I decided to include golf as part of my birthday celebration.”

“I want to encourage more people to embrace golf because we have a lot of talents. In fact, we have a lot of ‘Tiger Woods’ who are just out there and all we need to do for them is to encourage them to come into the game.”

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