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Senator Binta Garba Drops Bombshell

Senator Binta Garba of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who lost her senatorial seat to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the last election has made revelations…

“I was almost in tears this morning when lots of people came here. They came to comfort me but the way they did it, it was like I had lost someone. I said, ‘No, dear. It’s not like that. It’s not as if anyone died.”

“The joy that I have is this: it was a race that I ran and lots of people applauded it. In the times that I have been to the National Assembly, it has not been for myself. It has always been for the common good of my people. And I did what any member of the National Assembly would be expected to do.”

“I raise my shoulders high because everywhere I go, people say, ‘Binta, you have done well. You were so vocal on national issues and you were protective of your people.’ I am happy with myself, knowing that I served my people diligently and in all honesty.”

“My party believes certain irregularities which marred the election should not be ignored. There was over voting in most of the areas. Many of the card readers were not used. There were also cases of intimidation.”

“Most of our party agents were forced to align themselves to issues they disagreed with. That is why our party feels that the matter should be addressed and to see who won the right to represent our people. The party has the final say.”

“Everyone should vote APC because any vote outside APC is a wasted vote. All those who believe in President Buhari should believe in Governor Bindow. We should come out en mass and right the wrong of the elections of penultimate Saturday.”

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