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Senator Adamu Is A Prostitute – Galadima

Senator Abdullahi Adamu has been exposed by Buba Galadima, leader of the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC)…

“I was looking for a way to reply Abdullahi Adamu because all of you are strangers to this project. We are the foundation and we know the history. Abdullahi Adamu who is now the chief campaign officer, defender and chief warrior of General Buhari, did he also forget that when we went to Nasarawa on political campaign, he instructed every chief and Emir in Nasarawa not to welcome Buhari and whoever receives Buhari in his palace should consider himself deposed.”

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“Because today Buhari is in power, he is now a Buhari man and we are not. He is ‘every government in power.’ We know those that he maltreated and got arrested and to a certain extent people alleged so many things.”

“So he is now today a Buhari man because he thinks that Buhari can’t remember or think of what had happened yesterday or think of his enemies. Abdullahi Adamu of all people, calling us names because he is looking for Buhari to protect him, because he had to run to all the traditional rulers in Nasarawa to prostrate and cry with tears that they should prevent one Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi from contesting his senatorial seat.”

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“That is a prostitute! For me, these are the kind of things that will annoy a decent, honest, straight forward, patriotic citizen like me. I will never talk double. If I like you, I like you until you do yourself bad for me to reject you.”

– Culled from PremiumTimes