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Satguru Maharaj Ji Speaks

Nigerian spiritual leader, Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim, popularly known as Guru Maharaj Ji, Founder of One Love Family has eventually opened up on the state of the nation and other sundry issues.

He said; “Anybody can become the president of Nigeria as long as he or she places the interest of the country above personal interest.”

“If there is anyone who is fit in the South, it is Sen. Bola Tinubu. So, I will offer him for president if the presidency would be zoned to South-West.”

“This is because he has been able to play the role of a mobiliser and bridge-builder across the country. Also, Peter Obi is a fine choice from the South-East.”

“There is no rift between President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, it is the fifth columnists that are creating crisis between the two leaders.”

“Government should establish education bank to avail indigent Nigerians access to quality education.”

“The bank can pay for individual’s education, so that the person pays back upon getting a job after graduation. This will be paid back through stipulated percentage of salary over a period of time.”

“I am not satisfied with the state of affairs of the country, Buhari should do more in salvaging the situation.”

“Nigeria has the highest number of mosques and churches, but can’t produce a pen. We need to get our priority right by making our factories more functional.”

“We must also ensure that more jobs are created for our teeming youths to be fully engaged. We are a nation blessed with resources and industrious youths.”

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