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Sanusi Lambasts Zamfara Governor

The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has lambasted Governor Abdul’aziz Abubakar Yari for saying that God is punishing Nigerians for fornication with Meningitis C.

“Some of the examples are horrendous. I’m sorry about a current issue yesterday. 200 people died of meningitis in a state, the governor was asked and he said it is God’s curse on us for the sin of fornication, which apparently does not happen in America, which is why they don’t have meningitis.”

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“How have we reduced ourselves, what have we done as a people, that we have placed ourselves in a situation where simple things, a medical issue…you don’t have vaccines, say you don’t have vaccines. Treat those who have contracted it, don’t give these kinds of explanations. But this is the mindset. I have a degree in Islamic law, and I can tell you that is not an Islamically correct statement to make.”

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“These are the kinds of things that we have; and when we talk about a difficult environment, we realise that 90 per cent of that difficulty, we can address, because it is self-inflicted. Religious, political and cultural leaders should embark on programmes that will touch the lives of the common man in the villages, not embarking on elephantic programmes that will only impact the lives of the Elites, examples building of airports while roads remain unconstructed. Politicians should keep politics aside and focus more on development issues that would improve the living condition of the masses.”

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