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Remi Tinubu’s Shocker

Senator Remi Tinubu who represents Lagos Central Senatorial District at the upper house has made a revelation…

“I am with the people and relate well with the boys and girls on the streets. These are the people that will show you their voter’s cards. I owe them much. I speak their language. At times when they come home to tell my husband and he says my wife doesn’t talk like that, I just look!”

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“Sometimes when I speak their language, they will say, why are you talking like us? Like yesterday. I will speak truth to them like a mum and they listen! I was there, I asked why are you all smoking weeds here? The audacity with which crime is being perpetuated in our society is alarming. Am I scared?”

“No! And that is the soul and heart of a comrade. Whatever I wear, they all trust me and believe that I am with their cause, I understand their pain and do the bit that I can for them.”

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“Like the boy we set up a barber shop for, somebody gave me a slot to go to Mecca, I gave it to him! So, I have to change one life at a time, it doesn’t have to be a lot, but if I am in the executive, maybe I can do more, but as a legislator, your hands are tied.”