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Remi Tinubu Opens Up

Senator Remi Tinubu has eventually bared her mind on the altercation with a lady in Lagos recently.

She said; “I came out and saw another senator from Oyo State and he said these are senators (House members) from Oyo State House of Assembly. I said that the hall is full and that if the governor leaves we would possibly have room.”

“Then I saw a leading screaming and another one, young people, and started speaking very rudely. Then I saw the woman, I said let’s move away so I can talk to you, but she kept shouting and kept referring to how she did me a favour when I think maybe during the Dino incident that she marched for me.”

“Then I said that doesn’t mean that if you marched for me and if you did something wrong, I shouldn’t be able to tell you so, so I said please move away from the door.”

“Then I said to the lady, let me see you out there, but she kept screaming and screaming, then I said why are you acting like a thug? I thought this was a woman I could talk to and they changed it to say I called her a thug.”

“If you don’t know people, don’t just talk about them, try to know people before you talk about them.”

“I asked her a question, I only expected her to say, ma, I am not a thug! It was a conversation. Are you, then you will say I am not. I talk to my staff like that, let me know where we are.”

“To be honest, I want to say, just give us a minute then I can come and get you, that was my intention then she went out of her way.”

“Who says I am not angry. I am only keeping my anger. Are you not angry about things? Everybody has to control their anger.”

“Who is not angry? I am angry about a lot of issues. You were talking to me about a bill I have been trying to get through since about nine years ago and it is still alive, but I am waiting for the right time.”

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