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Prophet Abiara Confesses

Prophet Samuel Abiara, 75years old outgoing General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide has made a shocking confession: My late wife and I got married in 1965 and throughout, there was no girlfriend at home or abroad and people can testify to that. I miss her.”

Prophet Samuel Abiara

“All my people and my children are saying it is not good for me to stay alone. I told them God is with me and they told me they agreed but that I needed a companion. I said okay. The first time one of my daughters said to me that I needed to take another wife, I dropped the call because I was still mourning my late wife. Bible is not against it, so we are praying to God that God would provide.”

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“When it is time, we will let you know. However, until God says it is time and this is the person, then nothing changes. Many people have come to me with suggestions and many ladies have also shown interest, but I don’t do anything without God’s directive.”