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Primate Ayodele Offers Cure For Coronavirus

Popular seer and Spiritual Head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has offered a ‘spiritual solution’ to the raging Coronavirus disease.

Primate Ayodele said; “Since October 2019, we have been praying and giving the warning that there’s going to be a very serious disease that would trouble the world. But Nigerians were not ready to listen to the words of people like us, true prophets. They don’t take us serious.”

“When the Coronavirus issue came up and started gaining grounds, we have decided to find a spiritual cure for it. We were ready to find a solution spiritually because that is our calling. We have been praying with water since it started spreading.”

“In fact, I’m calling on the government to come and take our water for free and give to people who are affected and see the wonder of God. The free water and anointing oil will prevent and fight Coronavirus.”

“I have been hearing some pastors saying that Coronavirus will end at a particular time; but if really we have pastors or seers or prophets who have the powers of anointing to heal sicknesses, it is just for them to ask God to give them the power to heal people like we are doing for free now.”

“We don’t need to just make noise for publicity sake. Some pastors are just making empty noises on this Coronavirus issue; they lack the real power to heal. If truly these people who make noise around that they heal HIV and all sorts of sicknesses have spiritual power, let the government invite everyone to use the spiritual power to cure the Coronavirus.”

“This is the time to know if truly God answers prayer in Nigeria. We should stop deceiving ourselves. I agree with the Lagos State government that schools should be shut down and churches and mosques should not gather above 50 persons. But the situation at hand is more than shutting down public places; this is time to seek God’s face, this is time to pray to God for spiritual solution. Let us organize prayers to deal with Coronavirus.”

“The Lord says that the whole world should declare a three-day fasting and prayer session before the end of this month of March 2020 to wash away this evil disease. Nigerian pastors are not saying the truth because they lack the anointing to know the truth. They are just saying that the disease would end at a particular time, this and that.”

“Before Coronavirus got to Africa, I said it in January 2020 that Africa should be careful because the disease would soon get here. We have the video evidence and there are print publications to show for it.”

“The Coronavirus case keeps increasing in Nigeria now, and I foresee it affecting Nigeria’s economy, I foresee it shaking the entire nation. Nigeria is at high risk because there is no government that cares. I see self-medication killing people.”

“The government should start orientating people, especially at the grassroots, about this deadly disease. I commend individuals who have been carrying out orientation exercises about the disease on their own. I encourage fellow pastors to begin to do orientation about the disease instead of making noise that Coronavirus has died.”

“What has died? Italy’s cases are about 4000 while the US has recorded well over 200 cases and China too is over 4000.”

“Let us go to the social media and tell people, especially at the grassroots who are unaware of it, how they can prevent Coronavirus. We need prayer to survive the spread in Nigeria, medically and spiritually.”

“In the next four months, if the government does not act expressly to contain this virus, I foresee chaos in Nigeria. Whether we use sanitizers or face masks, we need to apply a measure outside these physical methods; we need spiritual solution to kill Coronavirus.”

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