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President Jonathan’s Aides Will Betray Him – Primate Elijah Ayodele

Primate AyodelePopular Seer, Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church is known worldwide for his yearly predictions. In an exclusive interview with Top Celebrities Magazine Executive Editor, Ejiro Roman Adigbo, he revealed his 2014 predictions…  

Primate, how do you see the country generally and what is your prediction for year 2014?

The country is intact and things are going as expected. 2014 is a year that we need prayer, we need God’s directive and we need God’s divine protection generally. Number one, we have to pray. You see, Jonathan will be the last president that PDP we produce. More so, some of the politicians that decamped to APC will still return to PDP. If Buhari is not picked as APC presidential candidate, Buhari will leave APC and go back to CPC and Jonathan’s victory for 2015 will not be a grand victory, he’s going to be taken to court after the election and there is going to be serious rumbles in PDP and APC.

The rumbles in PDP are; one, they will secretly tell Jonathan to step down but Jonathan will still beg and would want to negotiate some of the key positions like the office of the Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Federal Government and even the vice president. So, vice president at the same time, they would want to negotiate his position because Jonathan and the vice president would not be as close as they are and I don’t see any cordial relationship between them. For Jonathan to stay, he will look for any means, and there is going to be an abracadabra move for Jonathan to maintain his candidacy for PDP in 2015. And he still needs to pray for his health, his wife will go for normal medical checkup and she still needs prayer for her life. Apart from this, if the Chief of Staff is not careful, he might be removed and if the Secretary to the Federal Government is not careful too, he might be removed. The Minister of Aviation, Minister of Petroleum, Director-General of SEC will be probed and there will be pressure on Jonathan to remove them. The price of petroleum will go up because there will be changes in OPEC, there will be leadership shift in OPEC, Group Managing Director of NNPC will be removed. At the same time, we have to be very watchful as the price of food will go up because the economy will not be managed accordingly.

Let us pray earnestly for the governor of Enugu State for God to protect him because he has been having health challenges, and let us pray that any of the first ladies (Governors’ wives) will not have health challenges.

Nevertheless, let us pray… because I see too much of blood… ethnicity crises in Delta State, Rivers State and Cross River State. Political tension in Ebonyi State because of who becomes the next governor of the State. Let us pray that we don’t lose any of the monarchs in Osun, Ibadan, Lagos and removal of an Oba in Ondo State.

Apart from these, Nigeria needs a lot of prayers because I see Jonathan swearing in new ministers and removing other ministers. Nigeria, going to the World Cup, they will manage to scale through the first round and proceed to the second round and let us pray that there will not be misunderstanding between Keshi and players’ allowance. At the same time, I foresee changes in NFF and let’s pray we don’t lose anybody in NFF. Let us pray for the former Super Eagles players so that we will not lose any of them.

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Nigeria needs prayer because I saw water surge in Lagos; houses will collapse. I see that Federal Ministry of Justice needs a lot of prayers so that we will not lose any judge. There will be challenges in our constitutional adjustment, some people will come up fighting for single term for the president 6 or 7years which they wanted to start with Jonathan. So, it is another way to scatter the coming election in 2015 because they would want some things to come up in order to now say constitutional adjustment, and more of it is still going to happen. Let us pray against political assassination, more scare in Abuja, more scare in Lagos and of course more scare in Enugu State. The new governor of Anambra State must be watchful and be ready for court matters because his oppositions will fight him and they would want him to lose concentration.

Apart from these, Nigeria will seek help to fight Boko Haram. Then, the oil subsidy of a thing, there is still going to be controversy that will come up from there. Nevertheless, I foresee corruption in the oil industry, at the same time; this PHCN of a thing that has changed, there is not going to be stable electricity until 2016. Doctors will go on strike, NLC, NUPEG, etc. they will want to cause some issues for the government. At the same time, some banks are going to face a lot of crises; Sterling Bank, First Bank, Diamond Bank, GTB because they will lay-off their staff and I see new governor in CBN and the currency will change. As per changing the currency, I am telling you that dollars will be skyrocketing, our currency won’t be able to match dollar because there will be so much crisis among the economy team and I see the economy team being changed.

I see a group coming out to start different campaigns for Jonathan… social media network will be used. Oyo and Ogun States should be careful; they should guard their states so that oppositions will not cause trouble. Let us pray for all the governors so that none of them will fall sick in the year. There will be controversy in INEC and there will be changes in our modalities of elections, they would want to use electronic which will not work. Let’s pray that there will not be any plane crash and attacks on our sea; piracy will be imminent and I see death in the naval force. And let’s pray that they will not change any of these service chiefs because there will be rumours to change service chiefs.

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At the same time, let us pray very well that Nollywood will not see death of any of their members (both English and Yoruba) and let us pray that we will not lose any musician in Nigeria.

Mikel Obi, Obinna Nsofor, Victor Moses, Sunday Mba should pray earnestly so that they will not have any major injuries in the year. I see ego in Eagles, I see some people gathering themselves to form a cabal against the home based players. Let us pray very well that Eyimba, Kano Pillars will not be attacked and even Warri Wolves. I see changes in some technical team of Kwara United, 3FC and Enugu Rangers.

Let us pray that there will not be coup in any West African countries and also let us pray that major crises will not visit Rwanda. And I see common currency that AU will want to introduce that you can spend in Nigeria, Togo and any of the African countries. And let us pray that the president will not face ICCC court case. Some African countries will have oil and I see some mineral resources coming up in Lagos and of course a refinery is coming to Lagos, a private refinery.

Let us pray against pipeline explosion, let us pray against the militants fighting the police, I see redeployment in the police force; commissioners will be changed, some AIGs will be changed, some DPOs will be dismissed in Lagos. NURTW will go on rampage, let us pray against the fight of NURTW in Lagos, let us pray against kidnapping and let us pray against bomb scare in Lagos, let us pray because so many things are going to change. Lagos State Inland Revenue will face some challenges; they should pray against EFCC. Federal Inland Revenue also will face some controversies.

Baba Ijebu will face some challenges, I see a new Lotto organization coming up to fight Baba Ijebu and they want to bring Baba Ijebu to nothing. Adamu Ciroma should pray for his health, T.Y Danjuma should pray for his health. Nigerian banks will have slight challenges; I see some deputy governors going in Central Bank, we will have some new deputy governors. Some major principal positions would change in CBN. Nevertheless, let’s pray that we don’t lose any pastor in the year and controversies will crop up in Christendom.

Let us pray very well for Alao Arisekola for good health, let us also pray very well for Shonekan, Shagari, Ekwueme that God should keep them and protect them. Obong of Calabar should pray for his health, Obi of Onitsha should also be watchful of his health. Let us pray that we don’t experience major disaster in Ibadan Expressway. Let us pray that Nigeria will not break in the nearest future, government will use national conference for politics, the conference issue will not be used as expected and government can only use it as a stepping stone, pretending to do one or two things. Sharing formula is going to cause problem among the governments. Finally, I see that this governors’ forum will continue to have major crises and misunderstanding. Tariff of PHCN like the name will change. Water bill in Lagos is going to change because there is going to be major water works that will be going on in Lagos.

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I told you that food price will go up. ASUU will want to go on strike again but government will try to break ASUU, so, they must be very careful.

Obama’s government will be attacked and America will go into a lot of economical problems. And let us pray that America will not lose any of their prominent musicians, boxers or politicians. And I see that the Queen of England’s husband may pass away, so, we have to pray very well. African government will be called to review things because I see that Al Qadr wants to use Africa as a major base. Syria matter will cause a lot of troubles, America must be careful. Israel must be careful of attack; I see that Syria issue will give America a lot of trouble because the issue of chemical weapon will still be used again. Nigeria should be careful so that we will not be getting attack on our seas, the issue of oil theft; Nigeria will solicit assistance from international communities. We should be vigilant because Boko Haram will still do a major strike that we will not like.

Jonathan’s aides will betray him because a lot of secrets will be coming out of the Villa and I see that they want to hack the government’s database and our satellite will shift. MTN must be careful so that they don’t run into debt, Dangote should pray for his health so that he will not be bereaved and he should pray against fire outbreak and major disaster. Otedola should be very watchful so that scandal will not rock him, at the same time he should pray against death. AP will face some crises, and in the face of these crises, they will still win a major contract. I see changes in Oando management because they will commence a major project. The chairman of Glo should pray for his health. Globacom server will breakdown and that will cause a major network problem and some of their staff will go, they should also pray against law suit. Etisalat will have management troubles and between April and June they will face many challenges in connection, their service connection and they will want to have expansion extended to the villages.

Let us pray very well as Ghana economy is trying to grow and they should pray so that banks in Ghana will not face some challenges and corruption. EFCC should be careful against scandals. I see some markets engulfed by fire and some markets will be shut down in Lagos. Anambra people should be careful so that there will not be any trouble in Onitsha market, they should pray so that the market will not be set ablaze.