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Oyegun On Dumping APC

Former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), John Odigie-Oyegun has finally opened up on reports making the rounds that he has dumped the party like bad habit…

“Although there are problems and challenges in the party, I cannot run away. I will stay and give what I have to patch the cracks. Having been an originator to the party’s process, it is going to be extremely difficult to see myself in another political party.”

“I had intended to totally ignore that flown kite. I have almost succeeded in doing that but this will be an opportunity to emphasise that in terms of the thinking, I was basically an originator because I knew that what we were doing while in opposition was wrong.”

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“We in opposition truly want to present our nation with democratic choice. We need to build a party that can be comparable in levels, strength and acceptability to the Nigerian public not for them to keep saying that they don’t like them yet they don’t have choice. Having been an originator to that process, it will be extremely difficult to see myself elsewhere.”

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“We will maintain the direction and goals we have set for ourselves otherwise the fluidity of the movement does not make sense and does not show commitment.”

“Yes, there are difficulties, but they are meant to be addressed, sorted out so that the party does not lose its soul and the message that brought it into being.”

“Those are the critical issues. The real problem comes if a party stands in danger of losing its bearing in those respects. I am APC and I don’t see myself somewhere else. I cannot just quite envisage it.”

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