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Ohanaeze President, Nwodo Explodes

Ohanaeze Ndigbo president, John Nnia Nwodo is very angry and has bared his mind.

He said; “Lots of trailers from the North are carrying a lot of able-body young men who have no place of habitation, no legitimate business of engagement and coming down here in great proportion.”

“It is interesting that this is coming at the same time neighbouring youths in Katsina State from outside Nigeria have invaded Katsina and had clashes with the local community and the President has drafted the army to go and engage them but the President and the entire security look away from this continuous movement of people to the South.”

“Northern governors have also taken a resolution banning the movement of almajiri within their states and they order that all almajiri should be returned to their home state.”

“The social media is awash by a lot of news, some I’m sure are not authentic, some are authentic but they all point to the fact that we are all witnesses of this impunity. Not too long ago, Boko Haram boasted that they are going to start a war from the South-East and South-South.”

“We are all witnesses of the invasion of the west after the murder of Chief Fasoranti’s daughter and several kidnappings along Lagos and Ibadan and Ondo. We are beginning to get worried and we have spoken out and have called on the Federal Government to address the situation.”

“We are being as vigilant and trying to turn back as many (Northern youth). We have made a representation to Alhaji Aliko Dangote whose vehicles have become notorious in the transportation of these youth, in case he is not aware of what is happening.”

“I do hope you use your medium to express our profound dissatisfaction about what is happening and readiness to defend ourselves if the government fails to intervene.”

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