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Oduduwa University Founder Arrest Latest

Fresh facts have emerged about the death of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) student, Timothy Adegoke at The Hilton Hotel & Resort, Ile-Ife belonging to the founder of Oduduwa University, Ramon Adedoyin.

Lawyer to Ramon Adedoyin, Williams Abiodun said;

“When the police arrested Adesola Tobilola, a receptionist at the hotel, they notified me that they needed to question other staff and I took five of them to the police but they were detained.”

“When they interrogated Adesola, she disclosed that the man (Adegoke) transferred the money into her personal account and (the money) was stolen without recoding it in the hotel’s account.”

“She shared the money with another staff. That was why the hotel initially denied that Adegoke lodged in the hotel.”

“Last week Saturday, the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) told me that all the arrested staff had confessed that Adegoke actually slept in the hotel but died in his sleep naturally.”

“The staff had shared the money that was paid by the guest and did not input it in the record.”

“They knew there was a problem, they took the body in the dead of the night and dumped it somewhere and returned to the hotel as if nothing happened.”

“Chief (Adedoyin) questioned them repeatedly but they all denied it until police forced them to talk.”

“They did not bury the body, they took the police to where the body was dumped. Where they dumped the body was on farmland on the Ife/Osogbo road. The farmers hinted at the police.”

“Only two staff were involved in dumping the corpse of Adegoke: the receptionist and one Kosim who is the plumber of the hotel. Kosim is this Tabligh Muslim, not a spiritualist.”

The lawyer said the body of the late student was intact when it was recovered.”

“Adegoke’s body was intact when it was recovered. He died a natural death because he was resting his head on his palm. He spread his legs tiredly.”

“There was no single mark of violence on his body. The only offence these people committed was wrongful interference and dumping of the dead body.”

“Adedoyin never sent me to any of the family members of the deceased to bribe them.”

“I have never seen any member of the victim’s family. Chief was not around when the incident happened. I don’t know when his corpse was discovered in the hotel room, but it seems he died on Friday night or Saturday.”

“The IPO told me that the guy was feeling sick on the 5th of November, that was the reason why the wife was worried and called her husband on 6th repeatedly without anybody picking. The remains were probably discovered on Sunday by one of the workers.”

– Source: The Nation

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