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Nigerian Ambassador To US Should Resign Or Be Fired – Rowland Okorie

Equity Concepts CEO, Rowland Okorie has gone after Nigeria’s Ambassador to the US, saying that the US Senate should investigate her corrupt dealings.

He called her corrupt and complacent with her husband a Buhari ally he said. She has no interest in any Igbo at heart and must be fired. Powerful people like her are the plight of the Igbos he cries.

The Nigerian government uses her to deceive the Igbos. She is incompetent, tools are used against the Igbos, she must resign for Nigeria to be better. Since after Nigeria’s rigged election the corrupt politicians have bought her over, she has not spoken a single word against the cables, not even a press conference of what had happened. Who knows if she was even in Nigeria during the election, he said.

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How come they are not telling us what is going on, he asked. We are misrepresented and not represented by her. Rowland Okorie accused her directly of not putting the Igbos interest or agenda in front of the Nigerian government. Why Mazi Kanu is in prison and MC Olumo who ordered the killing of Igbos during the election is free walking.

He calls on all Nigerians to accept his Visa process application proposal for Igbos because that is the way forward to actualize peaceful co-existence in Nigeria he stated. The Nigeria politicians who have stolen our money have also bought the people we call our leaders, those we entrust our lives to protect us.

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He calls Ohanaeze Ndigbo obsolete and must be dissolved and rebuilt. We need to find honorable people with the capacity to head. Every Igbo man should wake up and fight this corrupt evil soon before it swallows us. To be silent is dangerous.

The Nigerian Political elites sit back and watch Nigeria collapse. I call on all corrupt politicians to use stolen money and build massive infrastructure all over Nigeria and develop Nigeria out of dusty roads and dirty environments.

Pressed on the state of Nigeria’s unity he said is a lawless country used to disappointing and asking non indigenes to go where they come from, Ghana must go back to where they come from.

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They are always afraid that others are collecting their lands while they go to other people’s countries to buy up theirs. Nigeria is the country with the most educated primitive tribalistic wise fools, a country with educated leaders with uneducated fools. We cannot truth them with our peace no more, he laments