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Niger Speaker Bombs Women Affairs Minister

Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye has been lambasted by Niger State House of Assembly Speaker, Abdulmalik Sarkindaji for dragging him before a Court of Law to stop his decision to sponsor the proposed wedding of 100 girls orphaned by banditry in his constituency in Niger state.

He said: “The Minister’s approach in handling the issue is very wrong, hasty and bad because she does not know anything about my constituency and their needs and has no right to criticize my decision to help my people.”

“The Minister should have reached out to me and discussed with me and I would have accepted whatever suggestions she made instead of talking to the media and tarnishing my image. I value any help and assistance that would come to my people. I am disappointed with her actions and disheartened by it.”

“I am a typical Hausa man and what is out of order in what I have done? Why is this issue being over flogged? I have pledged to take care of orphans in my constituency and that is what I am doing. If the federal government through the Ministry of Women Affairs wants to extend their helping hands, let them do so, they are welcome.”

“Where was the Minister when my people were facing insecurity? Let her go to the local government; let her find out who those girls are. They are not underaged and if she wants to help them, she is welcome.”

“She should stop tarnishing my image. I am a public figure and the Speaker of Niger state House of Assembly.”

“The traditional and religious leaders approached me and I decided to support the girls. They initially submitted the names of 210 girls to me but I told them there was no means for such so we cut it down to 100. Does the Minister want to say that these leaders are wrong?”

“My intention was to attend the ceremony but I will no longer attend it but whatever support that I have given to the girls remains and I will not collect them back and if they like, they can spend the money for the purpose or anything else.”

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