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Musical Copyright Society Nigeria Holds AGM In Lagos

The Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN) will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lagos on Wednesday, December 11th with a fourfold agenda.

Orits Williki

According to a notice of Members, Annual General Meeting 2019, signed by the Company Secretary and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Adewale Adesokan, the agenda of the meeting will be to receive and consider the Chairman’s Report of events and recent developments about the Society, to receive and consider the Directors Report for the year ended 31st December, 2018 to receive and approve the Financial Report for the year ended 31st December and the Auditors Report thereon and to conduct any other business that can be conducted in an Annual General Meeting of members.

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The Chairman of the Society’s board, Orits Williki said with the AGM meeting holding, it is now clear that MCSN has overcome the many obstacles put in its way in the past.

“It also signifies the fact the reorganization of MCSN is complete and therefore members deserve to know what has been going on with the society”, he said.

He added; “With our AGM taking place now, the message is clear. We have overcome all the obstacles that were put in the way of the operations of MCSN. It shows we are back for good. And members who have been patient with the society in the past will be richly rewarded for sticking with MCSN in the years ahead.”

He called on the members of the Society to be focused and resilient in the defence of MCSN. He advised the older members of the society to educate the younger creators who are yet to appreciate what copyright is all about.

“We can help the younger ones who are yet to appreciate copyright by educating them. We can do this by preaching to them one on one in our cells, neighbourhoods and associations.”

Orits Williki concluded by saying that; “The issue of right protection and defence has gone beyond leaving it for others to deal with, we must all be involved individually and collectively. That is the only way piracy can be fought to a standstill and the welfare of musicians and creators improved.”