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Mike Ezuruonye Fights Kunle Afolayan

Popular movie stars, Mike Ezuruonye and Kunle Afolayan are now at war.

Trouble started when Kunle Afolayan shared a screenshot of a direct message (DM) he received which labelled Mike Ezuruonye a fraudster.

However, Mike who seemed to be very angry with his colleague’s post, wrote;

“@kunleafo The small respect I had for you is gone,yes I wrote u that in your sick DM. U touched the wrong guy by posting this on your twitter and Instagram stories… Guy,U buy wrong Market!!”

“U now acting like u don’t know impersonators are using Actors/Musicians/politicians/celebs fake profiles and videos to Defraud people world over????”

“Or haven’t u seen the ones caught in my respect and even jailed for impersonating me by @officialefcc ????.”

“Why am I surprised, you’ve always HATED IGBOS.. Are we going to forget in the Press ur statement years ago saying.”

“IGBOS are the ones spoiling the movie industry.. U dont like casting them. Well this IGBO ain’t like u cos he was born in Lagos and speaks flawless Yoruba.. And loves the Yoruba people. U Tribalistic human!!!!!”

“Guyyyyy I don come meet u for anything for this life???… OMO HOLD YOURSELF O,before we for inside Nollywood go talk your matter outside.. Rubbishhh.”

“Kunle U ARE TOO SMALL to bring me down with this stuuuuuupidddd unethical act…smh. If u were wise, wouldn’t u as a colleague call me, ask questions before posting this Rubbish on your Instagram and Twitter?”

“WHO DOES THAT…. Obviously u…Mtcheww. DUDE, if u want a problem, boyyyyyyy BRING IT ON… I’m so freaking READY!!!”

“I’ve never called OUT any of my colleagues on social media but NIGGA u messed up this time.. smh Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.”

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