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Mary Njoku Blows Hot

Famous actress, Mary Njoku is very angry and has taken to social media to bare her mind.

She wrote: “Let’s learn to appreciate the ‘good’ housewives. Cos if they get paid for all the work they do, they will make more money than some bank executives.”

“Almost 78% of the chefs and headcooks in the world are men.”

“And some idiots will say ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’ don’t be deceived.”

“They have taken over the ‘Paid Kitchens’ and left the ‘unpaid kitchens’ to us.”

“Yet some people still don’t appreciate the hard work their wives do.”

“Cleaner, chef, butler, Nanny, house girl, runner, dry cleaner, nurse, therapist prayer and home tutor + Dorime partner.”

“All these in one person. Total package!”

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