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Lagos Labour Party Guber Candidate, Rhodes-Vivour’s Revelation

Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate in Lagos State, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has made a shocking revelation.

He said; “This is my village. We are not scared. We are not intimidated. We are free-born son of Lagos.”

“I have no other village. Nobody is going to run me out of that one.”

“The root problem of Lagos is corruption and lack of transparency and accountability.”

“The effect of it is traffic and infrastrure deficit, that is you’re spending the money that you could have got you two bridges, you are only getting one bridge.”

“You are taking 1.2 billion dollars to do a blue line and you’re taking 14 years to do only 13 kilometers when you can take that money to do 27 kilometres.”

“The starting point of my administration is to open up government and its accounts to the public domain for people to engage with.”

“The plan is to publish the accounts of the state and carry people along in the decision-making of the government so that we can build trust in them.”

“Lagos state prides itself on the revenues it generate, it does not generates these revenues from angels or spirit, it generates it from the people that work in Lagos.”

“Whether you’re a Lagosian, Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, you’re a member of the commonwealth of Lagos and you deserve a government that is accountable to you.”

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