Ken Erics Speaks On Crashed Marriage

Famous actor, Ken Erics has finally opened up on his crashed marriage.

He said; “I don’t want to talk about this at all. People should believe what they want to believe. Lies don’t last. The truth will come out pretty soon.”

“Roping me with Rachel Okonkwo is another stupid thing to do. It doesn’t make sense at all. That’s the height of naivety. I’ll clear my name from all this rubbish but not now. I’d do that at my convenient time.”

“I know the Internet never forgets; that’s why I would clear the air at my convenience. Let me give this some time to die down. It won’t take more than one week. The dust it raised will settle.”

For those who don’t know, this was what Ken Erics’ wife said about her husband;

“I cannot talk now but all I can say is that there was no child before the marriage or after it, they just want to soil my name, I swear on my unborn children that I don’t have any child. I have really suffered. I currently live in the village because there is nowhere else to go.”

“Since the wedding night until he moved out, Ken did not touch me and I have only just found out on the Internet the reason why. He never touched me at all.”

“The wedding ended on the night it was contracted. Ken woke me up and told me he didn’t want to be married and that he was a man alone and didn’t need a woman and that the marriage was over. I cried and begged him but he refused and left me behind in the village.”

“I stayed back for a while and eventually had to return to my father’s house where there was nothing left for me as I have sold up my business because I thought I was moving to another location with Ken.”

“Ken and I dated for only one month before we got married, I have never seen him naked before. The day I took my mother’s advice and tried to seduce him to sleep with me, I got the beating of my life and I never tried it again.”

“I have been subjected to pain and trauma for the past 10 months as Ken abandoned our marriage and moved out of our apartment.”

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