Kayode Fayemi’s Wife Revelation

Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi’s wife, Erelu Bisi Fayemi has made some revelations.

The governor’s wife who in her reaction to allegations on her husband appointing foreigners into his government, said;

“The rumour mongers have started again the way they did in our first term where a governor that did well to empower the people,make life abundant for the people of Ekiti and worked hard to uplift our values were said to have lost election as a result of disconnect from the people,which was a lie.”

“In any political contest, one will lose and the other will win. Was it the Secretary to the State government or the Chief of Staff or some of them that are present with me in this gathering that are expatriates? Who among the appointees?”

“They have started this time and we are not going to tolerate them to defame our government with their rumour. This time we are ready for these rumour peddlers.”

“This was the policy thrust through which Fayemi campaigned to Ekiti people and which resonated deeply with the good people of Ekiti State. The campaign theme did not need to be explained because it is crystal clear. There was a broad based consensus across the State and beyond that something had gone seriously wrong, and that wrong had to be corrected before it was too late”

“It is obvious that all sectors of our national life are reeling from a crisis of values. The definitive elements of the national moral condition include a raging culture of instant gratification that feeds short termism, profiteering,and fraud.”

“In the aftermath of the June 2014 elections, a number of narratives emerged about the reasons why Dr. Fayemi lost, most of them tainted with half-truths,outright lies, and distortions. In every political contest, someone will win and some people will lose, and it is okay to try to identify reasons for political failure or glory.”

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