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Jaiye Kuti Opens Up

Nollywood star, Jaiye Kuti has finally opened up on her private life.

She said; “My husband has been so much of a blessing. I have been on locations for months. I have been on the set of a TV series, ‘Borokini’ for seven months.”

“We only come home on weekends. I come home on Saturdays and return Monday morning. I was away from the house for about seven months on that project.”

“My husband is such a wonderful man, who is very understanding. In relationships, love is not enough. Understanding is what makes a relationship work between a man and his wife; not love.”

“It is that understanding that has kept us going and kept our marriage intact. I have known my husband for 23 years and we have been married for over 20 years. We are still going strong. We are still friends because we understand each other.”

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