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IK Reveals Agony

Television and radio presenter, IK Osakioduwa has cried out over his ugly encounter with the police on the road.

He took to his Instagram page to post a video narrating the regrettable incident. He said as transcribed… “Guys I just witness something totally appalling today, police were driving against the traffic on Admiralty road, heading towards the roundabout. They get to the round about, in an attempt to join the round about from the wrong side of the road, they hit somebody’s car, what did they do, apologise, no?”

“One of them hops out of the car and started beating up the passenger, not the driver… The passenger in the car for them being in their way. So I run out and said, guy you drove against the traffic, you are completely at fault, you can’t be beating that man up… Even if the man is at fault you can’t be beating him up.”

This guy with my kids in the car started hitting on my car threatening to destroy my car with his gun. It is people like this that gives the arm forces a bad name. I don’t know how… I am not there for their training but I really doubt that this is how they were trained.”

“They don’t train you to to go out and harass citizens. I don’t know how some of them turnout like this. At some point we will have to face something like this as a nation and check this kind of stuff.”

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